Queensland Steel & Sheet


Queensland Steel & Sheet was established in 1985 with four founding partners, Ken Thomson, two silent partners and myself. Queensland Steel and Sheet Pty Ltd started trading in the April of the following year.

We have moved premises six times over our lifetime and are now based at Pinkenba, with over 25 staff members.

I have not achieved this on my own and wish to thank those who turned a dream into reality.

My family who were always there, my suppliers; many of whom took the gamble that has paid off, my loyal staff who have supported me & followed me through thick and thin, and last but certainly not least our loyal customers who have given a little Aussie battler a chance to mix it with the Big Boys.

I believe that the continued success of Queensland Steel & Sheet is our commitment to service. We have a fantastic team that all believe in our company and want to help it achieve it best. We are continually improving our skills, processes and procedures to ensure we evolve with the changing market, technologies and demands of our clients.

My mentor once told me " It is not how you get into trouble that is important, Moreover it is how you are able to get out of trouble that is more important" We have used this philosophy at Queensland Steel & Sheet.

Our request is if you like what we do tell as many people as you can, however if you do not, tell us & we WILL fix it.


The Proud Owner,

- Barry Hunt (Semi Retired)