Queensland Steel & Sheet


We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Queensland Steel & Sheet. We have found their service & staff to be always dependable, friendly and reliable over many years of working together.

Their attention and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our company. This has enabled us to undertake large scale projects with tight delivery schedules with full confidence in their ability to meet our requirements in terms of delivery and quality.

We have put the team at QSS under pressure numerous times and they continually rise to the challenge. It's never too late to order and materials always arrive on time, great people & service.

We maintain our competitive edge by providing rapid turnaround, which in turn, allows our customer's to provide their clients with project completions that cannot be matched. The process of Laser Cutting through fabrication, coating and delivery can only be streamlined by logistical support who have a track record of delivering on time, every time!

The team at QSS appreciate small business needs and provide a level of service which constantly goes above and beyond. From the Sales team through to your delivery driver, the approach is that our business matters to their business enabling us to stay one step ahead of our competitors.

I honestly couldn’t fault QSS. Their service has been outstanding in the 6 years I’ve been dealing with them. They have bent over backwards to get urgent materials to my door. As a sheetmetal company, it is a cut throat business for a supplier to have a great price and couple that with quality service and excellent products in which they provide. I can 100% rely on QSS to do everything they possibly can to assist me and that’s a rare thing. I would absolutely recommend QSS across the board. I constantly get suppliers dropping in, selling their products and service but there is none better than QSS.

Barry, we did it! Thanks so much for all your wonderful help. In supporting the Mater Foundation QSS was able to help raised money to purchase a new ultra sound scanner for the Neonatal Critical Care Team.

I have been dealing with QSS for many years now. During this period there has been some hardship across the full spectrum of the steel industry. I am happy to say that this supplier has been constantly competitive with a wide range of materials at hand, which is important in this industry. They hold a much higher stock level than any other supplier we deal with, with a variance in sheet size unheard of in this industry. I am happy to say they are definitely a preferred supplier.

The service we get from QSS is absolutely outstanding - their response times to our questions and solutions to the dilemma's that we face on a daily basis puts them well ahead of the pack! Unfortunately for me, I do 95% of my correspondence by email and really need rapid responses which QSS always provide.